What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga nidra involves a sequence of deeply relaxing yoga postures, followed by a guided meditation designed to balance, calm and repair. Your entire body will stretch gently while supported by bolsters and blankets. Then the experience will be enhanced through guided meditation and deep breathing exercises. East Side Yoga Nidra is the perfect solution for anxiety, sleeplessness or a mind body reset after a stressful week of work.

What to Expect

What do I need to bring? Everything you need to experience yoga nidra including a mat, bolster, blanket, eye pillow, props and water will be provided for you. This makes it easy for you to come to East Side Yoga directly from your office or anywhere else in NYC.
What should I wear? There are no dress code requirements for experiencing yoga nidra. People join us in everything from their Lululemons to their business suits. We recommend wearing something comfortable as you will be doing some seated yoga postures and laying down. There are private changing rooms available in our studio.

Try your first Yoga Nidra experience free!

All first time yoga nidra guests at NYC’s Upper East Side Yoga are welcome to try their first yoga nidra meditation experience free with absolutely no obligations. What are you waiting for? Add your email, then check our yoga class schedule to find a yoga nidra class time that works for you.

The Nidra Experience at East Side Yoga

Upon arrival you will step into a welcoming environment where you will be provided with everything you need for nidra. A series of Om chants will begin the nidra experience. We recommend listening and feeling the chants until  you are comfortable joining in. For a brief moment you will let go of all of the thoughts in your mind, until it is completely empty. Then you will set an intention for your experience. Something that you would like to come true or you would like to work on, such as calming a feeling of anxiety or breaking an addiction. After a series of seat stretches and light yoga poses you will lay on your back in shavasana. You will then follow a guided meditation that will take you on a mental journey through various stages of awareness, gradually lowering your brainwaves to a tranquil state. As you progress into a deeply focused nidra state, your mind will be able to actualize your intentions, creating a newfound attentiveness in your everyday life. From a scientific perspective, you will be essentially be chemically reprograming your brain using these natural techniques that have been practiced since ancient times. Upon completion of your experience you will awaken in a relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated state.

Yoga Nidra can be helpful for weight management, as well as treat sleeplessness and anxiety.

Health Benefits


Yoga Nidra is scientifically proven to decelerate your brain waves to the frequency they are in during the sleep cycle. On average, a half hour nidra experience is equivalent to four hours of sleep. In Yoga Nidra, you will leave your waking state, transcend your dreaming mind state, and fall into a state of conscious deep sleep, known as Yogic sleep.


This vicious cycle of a feeling of anxiousness forces your brain to operate at high intensity frequencies when it is not necessary. Yoga Nidra offers a distinctive method for unwinding the nervous system which is the framework of your body’s well-being. Nidra will help you break the cycle of anxiety and restore balance to your mental activity.

Weight loss

Most people gain weight when they are stressed out. It’s a fact. What most people do not know is fat loss can be experienced during the delta brainwave state. During this state the human growth hormone is release and human “stress” hormones are broken down. Yoga Nidra will guide you into the delta brainwave state, promoting fat loss and reducing stress levels.